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Ultimate Telegram Notifications

Get Admin Alerts Quickly

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Ultimate Telegram Notification is the one of the best module extension that's used to send admin alert messages to telegram account from your Opencart store.


✯ Free Forever

It has no adverting, and of course it is totally free , there is no usage cost company asking after certain period, it is more suitable to use and faster than other communication methods at one time. it has no premium content, no subscription fees. Even bot is free that is used to receive messages/notifications/alerts.

✯ Use on any device

As you may know you can use telegram on any devices whether smartphone (android,ios) , desktop/laptop (windows, mac) or any other.

✯ Instant Order Notifications

Get instant order notifications whether new orders or any order updates and even abandoned orders, so that you may know about orders that users haven't completed yet & remind them (you can use our ultimate abandoned cart module for sending emails/sms reminder to your users).

✯ New Customer Registeration Notifications

Get notifications about new customers signups with details instantly.

✯ Product Reviews & Return Notifications

Get notifications about product reviews with user details & feedback. Also get notification about product returns.

✯ Adjustable & Customisable

Customise & Adjust Ultimate Telegram Notification Module as you want like: At what time to send a notification, fields to show & shortcodes.


☑ Get notifications when your customer:

  • Register/Sign Up
  • Place an order
  • order status update (for eg. "Pending" status to "Complete")
  • Product Review
  • Product Return
  • Contact

You can customize what to recieve when. It automatically send notifications to admins.

☑ Create templates using 30+ variables/shortcodes

You can use variables to create different templates. Ultimate Telegram Notifcation gives you to access 30+ variables.

For Example: if you type and save {firstname}, the message will be send as "John" if your customer is John

Extension details
Vendor Opencart Club
Single Domain License Yes

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